Covid-19 is accelerating digital ways of living
Covid-19 is accelerating digital ways of living

Seemingly overnight, digital has now become even more entrenched in our lives. We have all had to adapt quickly to disruptive shifts and structural changes to almost every aspect of our day to day.

You might have experienced some of these changes yourself:

  • Working from home using digital technologies;
  • Virtual school and university;
  • Shopping online for essential items; or even
  • Using telehealth services.

Prior to the pandemic, this radical shift in digital behaviour that we’re witnessing would not have been considered possible or would have taken many years to eventuate. These changes in digital usage have become the norm.

In this study, we wanted to explore not only the extent that customers had taken up “digital” ways of living as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic, but also how enduring these shifts will be once lockdown restrictions ease. After COVID-19, will you be going back to work, or working from home? Will you go to the doctor, or video call a specialist? How confident or safe will you feel going to your gym class or the cinema?

Our research uncovered six main categories of behaviour change across key activities, as illustrated in the Figure below:

For each of the activities explored, we developed a detailed understanding of how customers will choose to engage with the category post-COVID-19.

For example, when shopping for non-essential items prior to the COVID-19 pandemic, 24% of customers said that they would search and order online. This figure increases post pandemic, where 36% of customers responded that they intend to search and order online. This gives organisations more granular insights about the parts of the purchase journey that need a simple and robust digital experience and provides confidence that customer experience investments in these areas will be impactful beyond the short-term.

While we recognise that intent and actual behaviour may be different, we believe that this study hints at the categories and activities that will be fundamentally disrupted and will not return to a pre-COVID-19 normal.

We strongly believe that every organisation should use this once-in-a-lifetime event to drive disruptive change and better adapt to an uncertain future.

Use the download button below to see all the findings of the COVID-19 Customer digital shift report.

Published 05 Nov 2020

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