From a new office to a new normal
From a new office to a new normal

ONE THING the last year has shown us is that the ability to be adaptable and respond to changing needs is essential, and that this is just as important for our workplace as for our people. It has been widely recognised for some time that the purpose of a workplace is social and cultural, as much as it is functional. As we seek to learn from COVID-19 experiences, organisations are starting to determine new ways of working based on hybrid principles that support staff beyond just getting the job done, but in redefining the workplace as a deliberate choice of location and as a magnet for collaboration and making connections.

Designing from within

The Deloitte Spatial Experience Design team developed the workplace strategy and designed our new office space at 477 Collins Street, Melbourne. In a global first, our team was in the unique position to understand the whole business from within and had the necessary skills to follow this project to realisation.

Before commencing the workplace design we engaged with the business to understand individual, team and organisational nuances and needs. A holistic workplace experience strategy was developed defining space, technology, behaviour, cultural and operational needs. This was translated into a design solution that fosters desired behaviours and mindsets through an intuitive and seamless user experience.

A workspace for now and tomorrow

The overarching intent of the new workplace was to provide access to a range of spaces that support the work we do, and empower our people by providing variety, flexibility and choice. Choice to accommodate individual preferences of when, where and how to work with access to spaces for diverse collaboration styles, focus and individual work. 

Business lounges, immersion and co-creative collaboration spaces enable new forms of client engagement on our upper floors. We are now reaping the benefits of this diversity of spaces to support our staff in all the different ways they may choose to work. 

The journey doesn’t end with moving in 

At all times the needs and experiences of our employees was front of mind, in order to make the workplace simple, intuitive, purposeful and an enjoyable experience. As we settle in at 477 Collins Street, we recognise that this is a shared experience as we continue to adapt and evolve the workplace through prototype testing with our people and by leveraging data from utilisation sensors to allow for purposeful decision making.

This project is an example of our ‘Living workplace’ philosophy as it is continuously able to respond to changing needs of the organisation over time, and showcases how flexibility at scale can be achieved.

From a new office to a new normal
From a new office to a new normal

Published 01 May 2021

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