Powering a better world
Powering a better world

INFRASTRUCTURE PROJECTS are a hot topic in Australia at the moment. They are known to play a role in potentially stimulating economies. Investment and expediting infrastructure projects could potentially help bolster employment and provide other economic benefits. One step ahead of the COVID-19 pandemic, Deloitte has been collaborating with the Global Infrastructure Hub on creating a digital tool that supports the delivery of better future infrastructure — and the timing could not be more imminent.

25 countries added to InfraCompass in 2020, including five Pacific Island countries

81 countries with easily identified priority actions supported by commentary and guidance by InfraCompass

The G20 infrastructure agenda

The Global Infrastructure Hub (GI Hub) is the G20’s dedicated infrastructure entity, based in Sydney, Australia and Toronto, Canada with an ambitious mission to drive investment into sustainable, resilient and inclusive infrastructure.

Deloitte has played a pivotal role in facilitating collaboration among global industry stakeholders, using Human-Centred Design research to uncover pivotal opportunities to enhance a GI Hub digital tool.

The GI Hub’s InfraCompass tool measures drivers that create an infrastructure-enabling environment for 81 countries (representing 93% of global GDP and 86% of the world population) helping governments assess their performance and identify opportunities for improvement. The results are reduced barriers to investment, improved performance and betterquality infrastructure investments.

Design is for everyone, even economists

This project, led by our Deloitte Access Economics (DAE) team, combined Human-Centred Design (HCD) and economics to identify and deliver improvements to the InfraCompass tool. Given the diverse geographies and cultures of the tool’s users, our client needed a flexible and empathic approach to uncover user needs and identify opportunities for improvement. We used qualitativeresearch methodologies to uncover these insights, before our DAE team implemented and drove this change with the client.

GI Hub needed to better understand their users, the insights they were seeking from the tool and the metrics they needed

Charmian Grove
Senior Manager

Using HCD for more meaningful outcomes

InfraCompass ranks countries’ infrastructure performance against eight drivers: Governance, Regulatory Frameworks, Permits, Planning, Procurement, Activity, Funding Capacity, and Financial Markets. However, users did not understand the purpose or next steps arising from the tool’s results. GI Hub needed to better understand their users, the insights they were seeking from the tool and the metrics they needed.

Using an anthropological and collaborative approach, we designed a detailed user interview guide to probe insights that would drive change. We conducted deep dives with users across the globe both in person and remotely to define aligned key themes that captured each user’s countryspecific definition of infrastructure.

Next, we ran a collaborative telepresence workshop in Washington D.C. This enabled influential global InfraCompass partners to actively engage and contribute, including the World Bank, International Monetary Fund and Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD) representatives from Paris.

Once we were armed with actionable insights direct from the users, the Deloitte Digital design team rolled off the project. Economists and developers got to work data gathering and building the desired enhancements into the tool. This ensured the team developed a meaningful and useful solution that continued to meet the users’ needs.

Going above and beyond

The refreshed site went live on schedule in June 2020, at a critical time when the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on infrastructure and infrastructure investment were still not yet completely understood.

The joint Deloitte teams did a phenomenal job, which is reflected in ongoing positive feedback and the strength of the relationship with the client. InfraCompass has shown how effectively we can deliver on a piece of work when we bring the best of the firm together.

To access the InfraCompass Tool visit: https://infracompass.gihub.org/

Published 01 May 2021

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