What is your carbon thumbprint
What is your carbon thumbprint

FOR ALL its wonders, there is a cloud that hangs over the Internet, a carbon cloud. Few people would know that 10% of the world’s energy is used to power the internet and fewer still would realise that mobile data networks in Australia contribute over an estimated 500,000+ tonnes of CO2 to the atmosphere every year.1

10% of the world’s energy is used to power the internet1

500k tonnes of CO2 in the Australian atmosphere every year arises from mobile data networks1

4g of CO2 could be emitted from streaming the average song on Spotify1

130k tonnes of CO2 have been offset with the help of by Belong customers since it has gained carbon neutral certification1

Being carbon conscious

Fortunately, there is a solution — Deloitte has been working with Belong, to help it become Australia’s first certified-carbon neutral telecommunications provider — with all operations and products certified ‘carbon neutral’ at no extra cost to its customers. However, given the low awareness of the problem, we needed to drive recognition of the unseen problem to launch this new position.

Introducing the Carbon Thumbprint, a way for Australians to calculate — the amount of CO2 their mobile data use contributes to carbon emissions. Developed by the Deloitte Creative, Brand and Advertising and Belong, the formula not only helps people understand their impact but puts the issue into the common vernacular.

Bringing the cloud to life

The formula was then brought to life through an Augmented Reality (AR) app created by Deloitte’s emerging tech, creative and motion graphics team, that operates as a visual calculator — allowing users to find out exactly how much carbon their phone usage creates, and then contextualises that amount in the form of carbon blocks floating in the environment around them. The app then presents the user with an opportunity to switch to Belong, and offset their impact.

To drive the audience to this platform, the creative team then created a full marketing and advertising campaign. A television campaign brought to life the very real problem, depicting ominous carbon blocks floating in Australia’s most pristine natural environments.

Calculating our impact

In digital placements, the carbon thumbprint formula was used to calculate exactly how much carbon was created by streaming online content, then we served that notice to people in the advertising space around that content. For example, a Spotify song might be proceeded with the message that the following song would create 13 grams of CO2 if streamed on a mobile phone.

All this activity was designed not only to raise awareness of the problem, but also to provide people with a direct solution; to switch to Belong’s Carbon Neutral Mobile and Broadband.

Watch the video here: Belong Carbon Thumprint 30

1 Belong, 2021, Welcome to carbon neutral mobile and internet <https://www.belong.com.au/carbonthumbprint/>

Published 01 May 2021

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