On Tuesday morning (March 1, 2022) we excitedly welcomed the team from New Republique into Deloitte Digital, a move that not only bolsters our capability in digital experience, marketing technology and data-driven design, but also our ability to share knowledge and experiences with our wider audience.

This podcast episode is the very last of New Republiques, “Digital Growth Hacking”, a podcast dedicated to all things conversion rate optimisation, experimentation and personalisation where the team share tips and experiences from some of the best experimentation practitioners from all around the world.

In this last episode, Leora Nevezie, Partner of Customer Strategy & Growth, and Esan Tabrizi, Head of Deloitte Digital join our brand new partners Nima Yassini and Stacey Issac to talk about why they chose New Republique to join forces with Deloitte Digital and the key benefits of working with the Deloitte brand.

Listen to the episode here, and tune in to some of our other episodes here.

Published 27 Feb 2022

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